8 Dec 2009

Dairy Diary

Dairy Diary

There is always one person in your family who is really really hard to buy for at Christmas, this year I have found the answer to the "What do you buy a female relation who falls into the 25-100 age bracket?" (as we all ask that question out loud don't we!).
A Dairy Diary

The Dairy Diary isn't a diary with cows on the front! Its a very informative handy to keep diary.
The front cover is hard wearing and inside is a handy pocket for keeping notes, recipes, shopping lists or anything else that you would like to slip in for safe keeping.

After the usual diary stuff - personal info and a yearly planner .. the magic starts:
Printed in easy to read text is a whole section about Facts & Figures :) including Home Budgeting, Metric Conversions, Height & Weight Charts, Anniversary's, Birthstones and Flowers, and even Roman Numerals. Printed clearly is a ruler .. for when you are out on the move and quickly need to measure something (Its only 6" so don't get too excited girls!).

I was beginning to love this diary as when I hit the next section 'Food for thought' I called out to Andy "Andy Andy! They have included a recipe for a simple white sauce!". Andy really wasn't bothered with the white sauce but did have a good read of the recipe for a caramel sauce.

The following section is 'Home And Leisure', this contains hints and tips for everything from preparing fresh flowers to stain removal. All handy and interesting stuff, included is even a simple step-by-step introduction to cross stitch ... all in a diary!!

With 'Health & Beauty' which includes a fantastic section on First Aid, 'Travel' with maps and timezones then 'Diary Recipes' you could be reading for hours .... all this is before you even get to the actual diary part.

Each diary page is set as one week over a double page spread. Each day is a good sized box to write information in, and in the bottom right hand corner of each week is a very tasty seasonal recipe. With room for your own notes and a recipe index .. this diary will almost certainly keep you interested and entertained all year! Its a fantastic gift and a must-have for every woman.

The Dairy Diary on its own is £6.50 but for an extra £2.75 you can buy a Dairy Diary Gift Pack (See photo at the top).

The gift pack contains a Mini Diary and a Wooden Book Stand as well as a fully informative Dairy Diary. This is an excellent set and a perfect gift.

Please visit www.dairydiary.co.uk or call 0845 0945 128 for more information and to order.
My rating: 10/10 it's great!!
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