12 Dec 2009

Nestle Selection Boxes

Nestle Selection Boxes

"Mmmmmm Chocolate!" hums Homer, "Mine!" shouts my 8 year old daughter when I show her what Nestle kindly sent me to review .... with that the boxes were ripped open and the contents scanned greedily.

Emma decided to keep the Milkybar for her Dad, I was given a KitKat Senses to snack upon while Emma demolished a packet of Smarties.

After a few minutes of taking the sweets out of the box and putting them back in again Emma asked "Where's the big plastic tray with the chocolate sized holes in it?", "Ahh!" I replied and told her about their new super packaging.

Nestles save the planet recycling idea is that every bit of packaging is recyclable. Gone is the big plastic tray that fills up your bin and instead every bit of packaging is made from cardboard. You can flatten the box and put it out with your kerb-side recycling or take it to your local recycling bank.

The Nestle Selection Boxes contain sweets such as Smarties, Fruit Pastels, Kit Kat, Aero, Rolo's, Milkybar, Jelly Tots and Tootie Fruities. This means that for all ages there are confectionery suitable ie.. Milkybar for little people, onto Jelly Tots for the little ones that can run, then up to Smarties and Rolos for the kids, and finally Kit Kat and Aeros for the adults.

My only concern about the packaging is that the box was really really easy to open. Its a flap front opening that can easily open if the box is crushed ... so if you are buying selection boxes as a gift for Christmas then look out for an unsquashed box and be careful when wrapping.

Apart from that .... you can't say no to chocolate can you ;)

My rating: 9/10
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