1 Dec 2009


Pampers Active

Eight years ago when I had my daughter the only nappies that I found not the leak were Pampers, I tried various brands but none stood up as good as Pampers did.

When my daughter was born she was only 2lb 1oz, she had to wear premature nappies and only Tesco made them small enough. When she was big enough for regular nappies Pampers brought out 'New Baby' where both 'pee & poo' are taken away from the skin. They were great! My daughters nappy rash improved and I was hooked on Pampers from then on.

As she grew Pampers grew with her, I found the fit to be closer to her legs than other brands without restricting movement. Her bodysuits were never damp or stained around the gusset from leakage after a nights (well between 4 hour feeds) sleep.

I also found the closures to stick better and I could fold the tops over to protect her tummy from rubbing on the nappy as she had a hernia (her tummy button stuck out like a balloon).

We progressed onto Active Fit and I am happy to say that their standard hasn't slipped at all over the past 7 years. My nieces both wear Size 4+ Active Fit, my Mother-in-Law buys nappies to keep at her house for when they come to visit ... and even she buys Pampers as she knows they are the best quality for money.

Both Kathryn and Allisia run around fine, their legs are not restricted and even when crawling the nappy still holds secure. When changing Pampers are easy to tuck under their backs/bum and have enough stretch to close evenly even with a wiggly 1 year old to contend with.

To match the nappies Pampers also make wet wipes, we use the Sensitive Wipes as they are kind to skin - wherever the skin maybe. We use them for dirty hands, sticky faces and cleaning nappy areas for the children, plus make-up removal and cleansing for myself.

Pampers Sensitive are not overly scented, they actually remind me of 'babies' .. I know that sounds silly, but I also know that you know what I mean ;)

They are also a good size, slightly bigger than my hand and quite stretchy and strong. They could do with being a little damper but they are wet enough to give a good clean.

Sensitive wipes contain aloe vera and chamomile, each have soothing and healing properties which are a must for sore nappy areas. If you think of having your bum on warm damp fabric and then being wiped over with a cool wet soothing wipe - imagine how nice that must feel :)

Pampers are a top product in our family, you receive top quality that has been produced with Mum's and Babies in mind. I would recommend Pampers every time.

Pampers Active Fit Size 4+: 27 nappies per pack. Maxi Plus = 9-20kg / 20-44lbs.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes + Aloe & Chamomile: 63 wipes per pack.

http://www.pampers.co.uk/ For More Information.

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