1 Dec 2009

Plum Organic Supersnacks

Plum Organic Supersnacks

Plum offer a wide range of Organic Supersnacks for babies and toddlers of all ages.
Their food range covers from 4 months+ including dinners and tasty puddings, tempting combinations such as: Pumpkin, Carrot and Mango
(Ingredients: Organic pumpkin (30%), Organic carrots (22%), Organic mango (17%), Organic quinoa flakes (5%))
and Blueberry, Banana and Vanilla
(Ingredients: Organic banana (54%), Organic blueberries (23%), Organic quinoa flakes (2%), Organic lemon juice, Organic real vanilla extract (0.03%)).

I have been taste testing their Supersnack range for toddlers age 7 months+ and to be honest they are actually really really nice.

My nieces like biscuits, they will quite happily munch away between meals and know exactly where I keep my biscuit tin. Snacks are great for toddlers but remember that for a healthy diet you should keep them as 'snacks' or 'treats' and try not to let them overindulge on extras so that they do not eat their proper dinners.

So why am I impressed with Plum snacks?
To start with they do not taste too sweet, they are not full of refined sugar as instead they include Organic Spelt Syrup. In fact they contain organic 'everything' as all ingredients from apple puree to sunflower oil are all organic.

As a rule Plum products contain: No added salt or refined sugar, No hydrogenated fats, No artificial flavours, No artificial colours, No preservatives, No added egg and some products contain No added dairy.

The main brilliant feature that I am most impressed with is that the snacks in each pack (Spelt Fingers & Oat Rounds) are individually wrapped. No more opening the packet and having to waste loads as the rest go soft, no more crumbs in the bottom of your handbag or having to take the whole box with you in the bottom of your buggy! You can just take a pack (or two) of snacks out of the box and off you go - brilliant!

If your little-one goes to playgroup, nursery, childminders you can easily send snacks along with them. You will also know 'how many' snacks are given to your child in a day as you are able to easily send 1 or 2 packs for an adult to give your child - without feeding them unnecessary snacks throughout the day.

The Milky Moons (12 months+) are all together in one big bag, but as they are so nice (they are traditionally baked with chamomile and vanilla) I'm sure you too will tuck into a couple with a nice cup of tea. A great pack of biscuits to keep in your tin to nibble on for the whole family they are quite crunchy and taste like a proper biscuit, they are a nice moon shape so great for little hands to hold - be careful though, they are very 'moreish' :)

For more information about Plum's snack range please visit: http://www.plum-baby.co.uk/our-food/our-snacks/

You can purchase Plum products online, from all major supermarkets, some independent retailers and even Toys R Us!! http://www.plum-baby.co.uk/our-food/where-to-buy

My ratings:
Milky Moons with chamomile and vanilla 9/10
Oat Rounds with orange oil and ginger 8/10
Spelt Fingers with apple 7/10
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