24 Jan 2010

Hands First Barrier Cream

Hands First Invisible Gloves Barrier Cream

Provides natural protection, is non greasy, locks-in moisture and is fragrance free.
The nature of certain tasks requires specialist products to protect against dry and sore hands.
The special Invisible Gloves formula of Hands First creates a protective shield.

I was pleasantly surprised by Hands First Invisible Gloves Barrier Cream. Barrier creams that I have used in the past have always been greasy and almost sticky on application, I have normally wiped off (or washed off) most of the protection as I couldn't stand the tacky feeling.

This cream is different. For a start you only seem to put on what you need as its a tube applicator (and not a tub like other products). On application it feels cooling on the skin and sinks in instantly - when stroking your hands after application they feel silky soft like a layer of invisible talcum powder has been put onto the skin.

I used it when helping my husband work on the car (I get to pass the oily tools) and also when washing up as washing-up liquid irritates my skin. Both jobs passed the invisible hands test and my hands were well protected.

Directions of use are simple - wash your hands and dry them, then rub in a 2p sized blob of Hands First Invisible Gloves Barrier Cream.

I did find that if I had any cuts or scratches on my hands they stung a little when I applied the cream, but the cooling sensation soon soothed the area. However whatever moisturising products placed onto small grazes or cuts will also make them sting - so its not a negative problem with the product.

The packaging is a little dated, I can see that they are trying to make the design uni-sex and for all ages, but it isn't the first product packaging that would catch my eye in a shop. The colouring of the green logo seems professional and industrial, I wouldn't particularly buy this for 'home-use' which is a shame as it can be used for everyday use no matter where you are.

All-in-all the barrier cream does work! Its feels nice on the skin and reaches all of the outcomes stated on the tube. Its a great product and highly recommended.

RRP: Around £7.99 Available from various online pharmacy's and Superdrug.

For more information please visit www.handsfirst.co.uk

My rating: 9/10

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