7 Feb 2010

Fairy is 50

Fairy is celebrating 50 years of suds and soft hands!

On Feb 8th Fairy brought back their original iconic white bottle, the bottle design will be on sale for a limited time to celebrate Fairy's 50th Anniversary.

So what does the bottle remind you of?
The advert with the little girl asking why mummy's hands are so soft?
Running around the garden squirting each other with an empty bottle filled with water?
Waiting for what seemed like months for mum's bottle of Fairy to be empty so that you could use it to make something crafty from Blue Peter?

When I think of Fairy I sing the 'Hands that do dishes are as soft as your face' song (or however it went, I am a nightmare for making up my own lyrics!). Then I start to wonder if a Fairy bottle was used in making Blue Peters Tracy Island .... http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/classic/bluepeter/makes/tracyisland.pdf OMG it was :)

I like the original packaging, the tall white circular bottle was sturdy and didn't topple over like these new fangled ergonomic designs. The contents were simple and cleaned your dishes, you didn't need to work out how much to squirt into the bowl (like the new concentrated formula) .. you just gave it a good squirt!

The school junk box was full of Fairy bottles, you could write on them with a permanent marker and even if you were useless at crafts you could cut one in half to make a pen pot!

I am going to stock up on Fairy, everyone knows that one bottle lasts for ever ;) I'll never have to buy washing up liquid again!! Plus my young daughter will be able to learn patience waiting for my bottle to empty just like I did when I was little while her mind is thinking up great imaginative ideas for what to do with the empty bottle. Good times :)
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