13 Feb 2010


I have never been a 'slipper' person. I like the big fluffy socks that you can buy, I even wear them in bed ... but I have never owned a pair of slippers.

When I was in hospital giving birth I was the only person on the ward who didn't have any slippers, I even trudged down to theatre in my socks!

One problem with my 'sock' obsession is that my in laws have wooden floor in their home, in my house I have carpet in every room so when I go round to their house I am constantly skidding across the floor waving my arms around trying to grab hold of something ... I am sure they polish the floors when they know I am coming round for dinner .. I am the entertainment.

Moccis don't have the slipping problem - they are slip proof!

Since owning a pair of Moccis I have been a very happy Mocci bunny :) they are like socks, with a dash of slipper thrown in.

The main part of Moccis are socks, thick warm good quality socks in various colours and styles. The bottom of Moccis are leather which acts as a good sole but its soft on the inside and keeps your feet snuggly.

Hand stitched natural material and ecotex certified yarn makes Moccis strong and durable. The leather soles are flexible so you can move around freely (as if you are wearing socks) but you don't fall over as they are skid proof.

Moccis come in baby/toddler, children's and adult sizes, they have loads of different colours, patterns and design to choose from.

http://www.moccis.co.uk/size-charts <<>
Baby and Junior Moccis start from £18, Adults £26. A little pricey but remember each pair is handmade.

But how do you wash them? I wear mine all the time (when in the house) and so they can get a little whiffy ... each pair can be machine washed at 40 degrees! However you must not tumble dry them .. instead just hand them up to dry.

I love my Moccis - My rating 10/10 !!
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