28 Apr 2010

Creatures Toddlers Hand Foam Wash

Creatures Toddler's Hand Foam Wash

Firstly do not do what I did .... I didn't read the instructions! This foam wash is meant to be rubbed onto dirty hands, then washed off - it isn't the rub it in and you are sanitised kind of wash, its real soap.

I suppose you can all now guess who pumped some lovely creamy Creatures Toddler's Hand Foam Wash onto her hands, rubbed it round while ooohing "Its just like luxury shaving cream!" then crying out "Uurgghh its all sticky!". Only after washing it off and cursing about the foam did I decide to read the instructions (clearly printed on the back of the bottle I might add) that states: Dispense foam onto hands, lather and RINSE with water.

Well I can't be perfect all the time .... but at least I have lovely clean and lightly fragranced hands.

Creatures products are free from nasty chemicals, they are paediatrician tested and hypo-allergenic. They contain natural ingredients and leave out nasty products such as fragrance and colourings.... the company are against animal testing and even the packaging is recyclable!

My favourite bit (apart from the products excellent cleaning ability) is the pictures of the animals of the label and mini product catalogue ... giraffe, zebra and an elephant, expertly drawn so that they look real and ultra cute :) they were created for Creatures by children's book author John Butler who is famous for his animal pictures.

All Creatures products are made in the UK and the company actively supports Cotlands, a children's charity.

Check out their full range at: www.worldofcreatures.com
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