7 Apr 2010

Hotter Shoes

Hotter Shoes - www.hottershoes.com

A few years ago I was sent a catalogue for Hotter Shoes, I'll admit that my first impression wasn't a good one. It seemed full of very expensive old lady shoes and bulky sandals ..... not anymore they seemed to have had a major style overhaul !!

Take a moment to think about your shoes.
Are they comfy? Are they stylish? Do your feet/toes ache from being squashed in? Do your heels hurt or balls of your feet ache after walking for a while?
Hotter shoes have been working hard to combat all of these problems - they have designed 'Comfort Concept' and offer a 100% Happy Guarantee on every pair.

Every pair of Hotter Shoes are top quality. They are real leather and have special hidden comfort features such as extra wiggle room for toes, added ankle padding, removable breathable insoles and lightweight soles which are made from millions of tiny air bubbles.

Hotter Shoes also offer 1/2 sizes and extra wide fittings, Woman's shoes, Men's shoes and even slippers !! All of a very high quality and style.

You may look at the prices and scream "How much!" but you get good quality for the price that you pay. I have been wearing the 'Penny' style and they are the most comfiest shoes I have ever had, they fit well (I have extra wide) and support my feet in all directions. I have been wearing these everyday for the past 2 months and they show no signs of wear.
Being real leather they are pretty robust and even cope with having acrylic paint splattered all over them and cleaned off quite harshly.

I was surprised by the range available, its worth having a good browse through before ordering as I am sure you will be hooked when you receive them and won't take them off.

When ordering give them a call and see if they are offering any first order offers (like free delivery or an offer code), it doesn't hurt to ask as with all mail order companies.

I totally recommend Hotter Shoes and have already chosen some sandals for the summer, I know they will fit correctly and not rub my feet even in hot weather - I have that much confidence in the brand and company.

For more information please contact: www.hotter.com or call 0800 525 893 for a catalogue.
My rating 10/10
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