15 Apr 2010

Twinings Tea - Save The Children Tea Party

Twinings Tea
Save The Children Tea Party
25th April - 1st May 2010

This year why not invite your friends and family round for a nice cup of Twinings tea in aid of Save The Children?

Twinings are proud to sponsor tea party's throughout the UK to help raise money for the Save The Children charity, over the past 6 years Twinings have donated over £1,000,000 to help children in China's rural tea growing areas ... now you can help too.

All details are at the Twinings site on a dedicated Save The Children page : http://www.twinings.co.uk/about-us/save-the-children-tea-party/

To download a printable copy of the information, and a free£1.00 voucher off our Twinings Tea deli, CLICK HERE
To order a free fundraising pack with posters, invitations and a how to guide, CLICK HERE

Of course you don't just have to offer 'regular' tea at your tea party, you can offer any of the teas from the Twinings range .. and believe me there are a lot of types of teas to suit every mood.
I have been drinking Twinings Limited Edition Rose Garden tea.

It is a light black tea with the sweet scent of rose, you can drink it black or with milk. I drink mine black as I think it tastes better. You can smell the rose fragrance from when you open the tea bag packet until after you have finished the cup, it is light and refreshing. Your palette feels cleansed and best of all you know its doing your body good.

Tea is a great drink if you are slimming, it helps absorb water to hydrate your body and makes you feel full at the same time. Plus with the fruit teas if you are craving something sweet .. drink a cup of fruit tea, it takes the edge off of your cravings while being good for you.

Twinings tea bags are all of a high quality, they put a lot of effort into each bag and they are all individually wrapped for freshness... plus they are easy to transport in your bag for a mid morning cuppa at work.

Twinings make caffeine-free tea for those who like to stay away from caffeine, Aromatic Chai and they also produce tea in all sorts of flavours and styles: everything from 'green tea with blueberry and raspberry' to 'orange, mango and cinnamon' tea.

So if you would like to join in with their Save The Children Tea Party or buy Twinings online visit the website for more information.

All Twinings teas are also available at most supermarkets and health food shops.
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