17 Apr 2010

Waking Beauty - Julie Parrish

Waking Beauty is a modern day fairytale, I was a bit dubious at first as the blurb made the book sound a little 'twisted', but as it is a book based on the 'tweenage' market I understood the reasons behind the description.

From the first page I was gripped! The book is written for young girls, the plot, characters and speed of how the story develops are spot on. Princess Anna is 'Sleeping Beauty' and falls asleep for a hundred years, only to be woken by her 'prince' in modern day times. The book tells us of how she copes with modern day technology and how her family fit in with modern times. The main plot still keeps with the fairytale life with hidden fairies and witches.

The amount of content the author has introduced to Anna's life is amazing, everything from designer clothing, mobile phones, our obsession with the Internet (MyFace and SpaceBook!) and how young kids of today speak. Each change to Anna's life is described and has meaning to your own life.

The way the book is laid out is different to how I normally expect novels to be, there are no distinct chapters which is great as I hate it when you read down the list of chapter titles and they kind of ruin the storyline as you can guess what is going to happen ... in this book the author has sectioned each part by fancy dotted lines.

The sectioning is great if like me you don't have much time to read. I could pick up and put down the book as and when I liked as I didn't feel the need to read to the next chapter. This is also a great introduction to reading for younger girls (for example my daughter who is 9) as she reads small chunks at a time.

The characters are friends from the start, you feel like you know them and their surrounding from the amazing descriptive text the author has used. You can picture Anna's house and bedroom, what the characters look like (without using the front cover as a guide), the school they all attend etc....

I laughed out loud at some parts and got really worried for them during others - but at no point was the book scary or 'sexy' which was great. The author has catered for a range of hormones with the storyline, she has captured the lust and love of the characters without having to put naughty bits in, think High School Musical for the level of passion ... a kiss says a lot, books don't always need 'hanky panky' to create an effect.

I was impressed, this is Julie Parrish's first novel and it is brilliant. Not too long, not too short. Loads of content and a plot to keep you gripped. I hope Julie continues to write as a follow-up to Anna's story could be a winner - this could be the new Princess Diaries with an evil twist.

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