26 Apr 2010

Wikio Shopping Price Comparison

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The first thing I noticed about Wikio Shopping is the clean light colours of the background and text.  The blue is very pleasant, giving the site an instant calming effect, there is no glare and the main front page is well laid out with a clear and consise contents table.

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I decided to test their claims of being able to completely research a product with photos, customer reviews, price comparisons and even promotional codes if any are available.  Usually I have to wander around the web when buying something new so to have all the information in one place will save me a lot of time.

 The Iphone has had a lot of advertising since it was launched but different places tell different views on the product plus they all have different prices!  I typed 'Iphone' into the search box and started a search,

Almost instantly my results appeared.  First up came Iphone assessories but as I scrolled through from page to page I found some good prices and reviews from shops and stores in the UK (some online and some highstreet) that I know and trust.  I was impressed as some comparison sites give you results from unknown websites in other countries that you are unsure if you can trust with your credit card info ... no worries with Wikio Shopping as I was familiar with all sites listed.

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 I was interested in the reviews and user opinions the most and so clicked to read what they had to say.  I find 'real people comments' far more interesting than companies who are trying to sell the product - if it doesn't work then someone somewhere will tell me from their own experiances.

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There were a lot of reviews, some where interesting but others not - I would suggest that they have some kind of monitoring system to delete irrelevent reviews in the future, but overall the reviews were full of the user information that I was hoping for.

Deciding to possibly purchase the product I scrolled down to the 'Sellers' list, being on the same page was helpful as it saved clicking back and forth. 

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Amazon, Ebay and Apple came up in the listing, each gave a direct link to the product and a range of prices including shipping costs.   This was also very helpful as sometimes when you get to the 'postage' page you get a bit of a shock!

I am impressed with Wikio Shopping Price Comparison, the information is laid out clearly and is easy enough for anyone to use regardless of computer experiance.

Currently Wikio Shopping is operating in 5 European Countries as well as the US, it offers products and reviews for more than 3500 vendors. Wikio also offers a cashback service to its users, called Wikio Deals.

 A few Wikio Shopping statistics:


- more than 235,000 products, sorted into more than 220 categories. 

- almost one million product tests/reviews/subject forums concerning products

- more than 600,000 photos, and 475,000 videos!

- hundreds of thousands of offers within 9 main categories/themes

- all cultural (art, music etc.)  products via Amazon, and hotels in 6000 cities all over the world via Sprice

- about 400 new products are added per day

- more than 1000 new reviews, product tests and forums added per day


With statistics like that I would think that a lot of people will add this site as their homepage - its a site topped to the brim with information, a shoppers paradise!!

This is a  Sponsored Post of which I have personally visited and reviewed the site in question.  My views and opinions are my own.

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