5 May 2010

Astral Cream

Original Astral Cream
All Over Body Moisturiser

Astral Cream is what I call a 'real' moisturiser, not one of these new faddy runny creams that either sit on the skins surface and tighten your skin or sinks in to a matt finish but doesn't actually do anything useful.

Astral Cream is a beautiful pure white thick cold cream that spreads onto your skin. You can almost feel the moisturising hydrating properties sinking in through your skin layers reaching each and every part that needs attention.

Rich and luxurious the creams texture is almost fluffy, a little goes a long way and it is suitable for your whole body - top to toe. The whole family can also use Astral its great for Grans bunions, Dad's 'dry patch', Mum's hands, Daughter's face, Son's scabby knees and the Babies bum!

The cream is the original formula, they have had no need to muck about with the ingredients and change anything, even the packaging is the same as it was years ago. Astral Cream comes in three sizes: 50g handbag sized pot (great for your lips and moisturising on the go), 200ml pot (good for holidays or to keep in the bedroom) and a huge 500g pot (for the bathroom and all over body use).

For all FAQ about Astral please visit their site as they answer a lot of questions that I hadn't even thought of asking. Such as how the cream is tested and exactly what it contains, can it be used by Muslims and all about their unique perfume used in the cream (which smells very nice by the way).

My main negative point is that it is quite greasy, the cream leaves a greasy shiny film on the skin so its not the sort of cream you would slap all over your face in the morning. More of a night cream if you want to use it where people can see, or an underclothing cream only if you are using it on a small area. Don't cover your whole body and then put on your best silk dress! I would leave body moisturising till bedtime and wear a cotton nightie or pyjamas instead.

Apart from the greasiness I have been using it as a hand cream and my hands are getting lovely and soft. I suffer from cracked skin around my nails and using Astral has made a vast improvement to the dry skin and the areas are not so sore. I have been less tempted to pick at them (which is something I do when bored or nervous) as there is nothing to pick at.
I would seriously encourage anyone with dry cracked skin on their hands or feet to try Astral as it really is a good cream for hydrating and softening dry skin.

Available from all high street chemists and supermarkets.
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