12 May 2010

Logitech Portable Speaker S125i

Logitech Portable Speaker S125i

When I was a kid I had a walkman, it was a chunky thing that you could strap to your belt and look really cool. I had great big headphones as the little ones weren't exactly ergonomic back then and they wouldn't fit in my ears. My Walkman was a posh one :) it had a pretend cassette that was really a radio, I was the envy of my friends.
I also had a radio that was shaped like a packet of Chewits !! I have searched online and none come up, I bet it would fetch hundreds if I had it now.

Anyhow ... now-a-days its all about Ipod's. No sitting in your bedroom with your cassette ready to tape the top 40 on the radio, you just download all the tracks (that's 'songs' to us oldies) you like to your computer (or ITunes account) and put them all onto your Ipod.

Ipods hold hundreds even thousands of songs or albums, it all depends on which model you own and how big the memory space is. However you still usually need headphones to listen to your stored music ... or do you?

Logitech have brought out a 'ready to move, ready to groove' super snazzy small portable speaker. Its tiny but very powerful with great sound.
You simply plug your Ipod into the slot at the top and use your Ipod as you normally would do to listen to your music. The sound comes out of the speakers so that a whole room can hear (and not just you via headphones).

I prefer Emma to use a portable speaker docking station as I think that using headphones too much can damage your hearing. She already shouts "What? Can't hear you!" when I ask her to tidy her room so I don't want 'real' hearing loss to be an issue for her.
I can also listen in to what music she is listening too and so I can limit the use and know if she is listening to too many rude words or unsuitable styles of music for a 9 year old.

We have also recently brought a caravan, the Logitech Portable Speaker will be a great addition to the van. We now won't have to only listen to the radio (there is a stereo in the caravan) or take hundreds of Cd's with us ... we can pop an Ipod (we have one each) into the speaker and choose from thousands of albums to listen too.

The Logitech Portable Speaker S125i plays and charges your ipod (great if you can't find your charger), it has a bass boost and its compact size has up to 10 hours of battery life (4AA batteries required, not included).

The unit is literally tiny, it is about 8" long and 3.5", it weighs practically nothing! You can plug it in instead of using batteries (but then it isn't portable) and a lead/plug is included.

The unit comes with a universal docking tray to support all different types if Ipod, this means you can use your ipod classic 120gb, ipod touch 1st gen, ipod 5th gen 30gb. If you use an ipod that isn't listed then please us the tray that came with your ipod when you brought it ... as this will make it fit into the speaker.

But what if you have an IPhone?? You can use it to listen to music .. but not to make or receive calls. Basically you use your IPhone as an Ipod touch.

If you do not have an Ipod, do not fear. By using a 3.5mm male to male audio cable (not included) you can plug your MP3 player's headphone socket into the Aux-in connector on the back of the unit to listen to your music.

Full instructions come with the unit - so don't worry if I have totally baffled you!
Its a nice little speaker with a good clear sound, in my opinion one of the best portable docking systems on the market.

Available from http://www.logitech.com/ and http://www.amazon.co.uk/

Priced at approx £29.97 rrp.

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