12 Jun 2010

Melvita Skincare

Melvita Young Skincare Range

Emma (9) has child acne, at times it dies down but sometimes her skin is really really red and sore. Around her nose it looks like her skin is burnt and enflamed, luckily the kids at school don't seem to notice her skin or say anything to her and so it doesn't seem to bother Emma either.
We have been using Melvita products from their Young Skincare Range.

Because adolescence is often a difficult time, Melvita has developed a complete range of targeted skincare treatments specially suited to young skin. Melvita offers 7 skincare products formulated with a minimum of 30% organic ingredients and with effective natural active extracts to provide a solution to acne prone skin. All Melvita Young Skin products contain a key ingredient: BIRCH SAP.
I was a little apprehensive about 'Birch Sap' as it sounds a little hocus pocus'y "eye of newt, tongue of a dragon, sap from a young silver birch' etc.... but when the products arrived they looked very posh!
We followed Melvita's 123 Plan and first cleansed with their Cleansing Foaming Gel. I purposely haven't followed the plan using ALL the products as Emma is very young and I didn't want to 'over wash' her skin. So we have only used 3 of the range on the website.

The Cleansing Gel which is great as it foams up, this is good as it means Emma can spread it on to her face herself. The Cleansing Gel contains: Birch sap, Lavender and Zinc.
This foaming gel combines:
√ regenerating, purifying properties of Zinc lactate and Lavender
√ powerful purifying qualities of Tea Tree
√ moisturising and softening Birch sap and Witch Hazel

Its a nice cleaning product, gentle on young skin and cleans well, you only need one pump of gel to wash your whole face, the product lasts ages. After use Emma's skin was quite matt ready for the next product.
We next used the Sebum Balancing Fluid. This is a very light moisturiser which helps to control the production of sebum. With Emma being young she gets a lot of nasty white spots which then turn to blackheads, this moisturiser can control this and also give her skin the nourishment it needs to heal itself. The fluid contains: Moisturising Birch sap, Yogurt, Willow and Boswellia.

√ is light, non-greasy
√ moisturises
√ helps balance oil production
√ is non-comedogenic
√ is designed specifically for skin that suffers from temporary blemishes

Emma's skin doctor advised her to use products that are non-comedogenic so its great that this moisturiser is ... if you look in your local supermarket it is very hard to find branded products that are non-comedogenic.
We liked this fluid, it has an easy 1 pump bottle where one squirt is enough to cover Emma's face. It is also very hygienic as you don't have to scoop the lotion out of a jar or bottle .. it is self contained and sealed.

The Anti-blemish Roll-on for Targeted Action, is actually my favourite. Containing Rosewood, Tea Tree, Schizandra and Tepescohuite it smells very very strong and rolls straight onto problem areas.

IF you put this onto broken skin you will know it!! Also any sore spots (where you have picked them!) will sting like crazy if you roll this product onto them.

This quick-dry formulation combines:
√ purifying essential oils of Tea Tree, Cistus, Sage, Lavender, Lime, Rose wood, Peppermint
√ repairing properties of Schisandra berries, Tepescohuite bark and Propolis
√ comforting qualities of Ginger and Birch sap

I found that it almost dried out Emma's spots, however we found it quite hard to roll-on as you couldn't tell if any had actually come out as you rolled.
A good product, I even used it myself a couple of times. You can also use it underneath make-up.

We liked Melvita's Young Skincare Range. I cannot say that they cleared up Emma's spots as they didn't but they have lessened the troublesome areas and controlled her blackheads a little.

Well worth a look as the products are packaged in colourful packaging that will look good in any ones bathroom regardless of age.

Cleansing Foaming Gel: £12 for 200ml
Sebum Balancing Fluid: £16 for 50ml
Anti-blemish Roll-On: £10 for 5.5ml

All products plus more! Available from http://uk.melvita.com

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