15 Jul 2010

Harvest Cheweee

Harvest Cheweee Bars

Hands up how many of you get sick of putting chocolate bars into the kids lunchboxes? Who hates cereal bars because they are dry and rabbit foody?

Have you tried Harvest Cheweee bars? They are 'cereal' bars that contain 91 calories AND chocolate !!
The bars are moist and cheweee, not hard and grainy. They are full of wheat and oats so full of wholegrain goodness without you realising it.

Each box contains 9 bars which means one a day for the lunchbox and some to snack on at home as well (cool hey!) or if the kids raid the cupboards you won't have to scream "You'll be hungry tomorrow now!" as you will still have some left.

They are also individually wrapped so keep fresh and can be stored easily.

Harvest Cheweee bars contain:

  • Fibre
  • No Artificial Colours
  • Vitamins and Iron
  • and are from a Nut Free factory

Harvest Cheweee come with Milk chocolate chips, White chocolate chips, Toffee pieces and also Marshmallow.

I personally liked the milk the most, then the white but didn't like the marshmallow as they were quite sweet, I think I still have some lurking at the back of the cupboard so I am presuming Emma didn't like them either. I haven't tried the toffee and so can't comment on that variety.

Anyhow - good source of fibre, low calories, great for a snack .. all good stuff.

Available from all major supermarkets.

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