6 Jul 2010

Oriflame Suncare

Oriflame Suncare Range

SOL Anti-Aging
Face Sun Cream 20 - Medium

The best bit I liked is that it is a good factor at 20, but its in a nice sized tube of 75ml. This was great for Emma's school bag as it was a high protection without being a huge messy bottle.
The cream smells lovely, not like sun cream at all more like a high brand face cream. Being sun cream for the face it sinks in quickly, a little goes a long way and it doesn't leave you looking greasy.
The cream has a slight shimmer effect to emphasize your tan and natural facial colourings, its not sparkly just shimmery.
I really like this sun cream and with the 'anti-aging' properties of Vitamin E I don't think you can go wrong. You could use this as a daily cream all through summer in place of your usual anti-aging or facial moisturiser.
Aimed at women, but suitable for the whole family.

This product really surprised me! When I first sprayed it on my initial thought was 'Oh no a greasy one!' ..... but it isn't!!
This spray is a clear sun spray, it is like a dry oil without leaving your hands/skin oily and greasy. I have just sprayed some on my arm, rubbed it in and then continued to type 'without' having to wipe my hands on anything. I am very impressed with this product.
Being a factor 10 and 'family' seems odd to me. I would promote 'family' products at factor 20+ and not a low factor, but it does state 'LOW' on the bottle so its really up to you and how you want to protect your families skin from harmful rays.
The spray gives good coverage and is really simple to use. Emma happily squirted it onto her skin and was happy with the feeling and protection.
The Sol Family 10 Clear Sun Spray is also water resistant, but please always re-apply after swimming or showering. The bottle also advises to re-apply every 1-2 hours, being so easy to apply I think most people will adhere to this advice.
For more information and to purchase Oriflame products please visit their website and choose your country.
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