4 Aug 2010


When I was little we had a Sodastream machine, it was a super cool gadget to own and it was great being able to drink pop so cheap (the alternative was having bottles of pop delivered by the milkman and having to return the bottles).
Back then (now I am only 32 so I am talking about 25 years ago) the machines were very chunky and you had to push a button to get the fizz into the water .. I have found the old advert from the 1980's:

These days Sodastream have made their machines more sleek, sophisticated and swish, the styling is very space age and wouldn't look out of place in any kitchen.
I have been trialing the Sodastream Pure, their latest and award winning Sodastream machine.

The Pure comes with a 60 litre aluminium gas cylinder and two carbonating bottles.
One bottle has a plastic bottom and top, the other metal bottom and top .. if anyone knows 'why' then can you please share the reason with me! I am presuming one keeps the fizz better in the fridge? or is better for travelling? if you have any idea then please comment below.

As with the old Sodastream drinks makers you have to wait for the BUZZZZZ sound and let it buzz three times for the best fizzyness, this noise scared me as a child and I must admit makes me jump now.  Our dog Ruby is terrified of the Sodastream and hides when we use it.

Using the drinks makers are simple (whichever design you choose), you just fill up the bottles with cold tap water to the line, insert it into the drinks maker and secure.  Then hold the button (or pull forward the button on the Pure machine) until it buzz's 3 times.  Let off the pressure by pulling the bottle forward and unscrew.
Choose a flavour of Sodastream cordial to add and pour in the correct measurement, bottle top on, turn the bottle to mix (DO NOT SHAKE!) and hey presto you have fizzy pop !!  Simple.

Emma is fascinated with the Sodastream drinks maker, we received little pods of all the different flavours available, she has had a lovely time testing them all one-by-one.  You can buy the pods from Sodastream or buy the bottles of cordial which is what we are going to do when the pods run out.  Having the sample sizes were great as we now know which flavours are our favourite and which we are not too keen on.

I love the Cranberry and Raspberry, Emma prefers the Mango and Apple whereas Andy is happy with any flavour that we give him.  At £2.99 - £3.99 a bottle they are great value for money, each bottle makes 12 litres so you are talking 25p-33p a litre of fizzy pop .. which is excellent and less than a can in the shops.  One litre easily filled 3 tumbler sized glasses right to the top with a little left over.

The gas canisters are reasonable too.  When you buy your SodaStream drinks maker, a full CO2 gas cylinder is included in your starter pack. With this drinks maker pack, you receive a one-off ‘user licence’ which entitles you to use the gas cylinder throughout the life of your drinks maker. When the gas in the cylinder is used up, you exchange the empty cylinder for a full one, paying only the cost of the gas refill.

For the Pure machine the exchanged full bottle costs £8.99 as its a 60 litre bottle, for other machines the bottles are smaller and cost £4.99  (prices as per Sodastream website 04/08/10).  To find out where you can exchange your bottle just use their nifty Store Locator.

Sodastream Drinks Machines are available online directly from Sodastream, or from Argos and Comet.  For the cordials you can buy direct or from most high street supermarkets (just check before you make a special journey though as smaller stores may not stock Sodastream).

Also for ideas, tips, hints and deals follow Sodastream on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/sodastreamuk and Follow them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Sodastreamuk?ref=mf

All-in-all get fizzing and take yourself back to your childhood ... let your kids make their own pop for a fraction of shop brought and I bet they waste less than the 'top' brands too :)
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