22 Dec 2010

Aldi - Christmas Favourites - Chocolate Reindeer

Chocolate Reindeer

Everybody's favourite chocolate reindeer is back for 2010. This cute chocolate treat makes for a great stocking filler gift.

Priced at only 99p !!! This reindeer is a brilliant gift for any child or adult!

Each reindeer comes with a metal tag on its collar which is quite quirky and a velvet blue collar.  The nutritional information states that each 150g reindeer provides 6 servings (25g per serving), but I must admit that I could quite happily eat the whole thing in one go ... but then feel very very sick (I know it would be my own greedy fault!).
Its Christmas :) treat yourself or a loved one for 99p you can't go wrong.
Visit www.aldi.co.uk or your local Aldi store for more information.
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