22 Dec 2010

Alva Rhassoul (Acne | Oily) Skincare

Alva Rhassoul for Acne / Oily prone skin

Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream is part of the Rhassoul organic skincare programme for problem skin.  The product is great for deep cleansing of skin pores using volcanic mineral clay.

The creamwash helps support the skin while washing by using natural and pure essential oils which help prevent spots, blackheads and oily skin.  As the  product is clay based it draws the oil away from the skin and gives a very very deep clean, it also has a very slight scrub effect which helps loosen dry skin and dead skin cells - after use the skin feels very very clean and has a nice healthy glow.

Putting on the cream is quite funny, always give it a good shake as the contents can settle.  It is like mud to apply and on your faces you look a bit like a caveman, Emma thinks its hilarious but says that she likes the smell of the cream which reminds me of posh spa products.

The mineral wash cream is suitable for the whole body including the scalp, where it even prevents dandruff, reduces the inflammation and redness associated with psoriasis on the scalp, plus the mixture of pure essential oils can also assist with the treatment of head lice.   With the price of it I wouldn't want to waste it on my head, but I suppose if you have a major problem then its worth a try.

We wet Emma's skin and then smoothed on the cream (after giving the tube a good shake), then we left it on her face for a few minutes.  Emma's spots can be quite sore at times but she said that this did not make her skin sting or was uncomfortable - she quite liked the feel of it and the fragrance.  After a few minutes we carefully rinsed it off with a clean warm damp washcloth until all traces had been removed.

Use Alva Mineral Washcream as part of your skincare regime with other products from the Rhassoul range
due to the unique way in which Rhassoul mineral clay works it will not strip the skin or hair of necessary oils; it will simply normalise oil levels.

£10.50 for 150ml quite pricey but its worth it - we really like this product and give it 10/10 !!

Available from My Pure http://www.mypure.co.uk/alva-rhassoul-acne--oily-b150/rhassoul-mineral-wash-cream-p1229
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