22 Dec 2010

Bottle Green

Bottle Green Cordial

Bottle Green cordial is great for all occasions, a summer party, a refreshing drink, as a mixer or soft variants at a birthday bash .... but now you can also drink Bottle Green cordial HOT!

With all the snow this winter its cold and bitter out, why not come in and relax with a nice mug of hot elderflower, strawberry & elderflower, ginger & lemongrass, spiced berry (very Christmassy), aromatic lime, pomegranate & elderflower or orange & mango.

Gone are the days where people boil the kettle for a nice cup of tea, people want fruity drinks that warm them from top to toe.  Bottle Green is the solution as their cordials are well balanced and full of flavour, no messy tea bags to infuse, just use 1 part cordial to 12 parts water (basically make it the same as you would any squash).

You can also add Bottle Green cordials to any alcoholic drinks for a bit of a kick - use any flavour cordial to make cocktails simply and easily - impress your friends with a Orange & Mango Vodka twist  or Spiced Berry with rum.  Give it a try but please drink responsibly.

Enjoy the party season - alcoholic, non-alcoholic or hot! with Bottle Green cordials.

I tried the range recently at The Good Food Show and I was very impressed with the flavours available.

http://www.bottlegreen.co.uk/Stockists  Available from all major supermarkets.
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