16 Dec 2010

Savlon Spray Plaster

The NEW Savlon Spray Plaster, a quick and easy first aid solution for you and your family.

Unlike other spray plaster products it is antiseptic upon application and has a unique non-drip formula for fuss-free treatment of minor cuts and scrapes.
Convenient and easy to use the spray plaster seals out water, dirt and germs and forms a flexible film, which is perfect for those awkward places like poorly little knees and elbows.

Say goodbye to the fuss of whipping off a traditional plaster as the spray plaster provides protection from dirt and germs before wearing off naturally.
The 40ml can will also fit neatly into your bag or car, so whether it’s a day trip to the park or your family holiday you can be sure you have an easy and convenient treatment at hand for any those little accidents.

  • Protects minor cuts and grazes.
  • Waterproof.
  • Transparent.
  • Aids natural healing.
  • Reduces risk of infection.
  • Non-drip formula.

Savlon Antiseptic Spray Plaster is a new product from Savlon which not only protects cuts and grazes but also aids healing and is anti-septic upon application. The spray format ensures that the cut remains sterile which reduces the risk of infection. The plaster dries transparent and is waterproof.

Directions for Use: Clean and dry the wound. Spray at 5-10cm from the wound and let dry for 1 minute. The plaster wears away naturally after a few days. Renew application as often as necessary.


This is one of those products that I cannot fully appreciate until I really need to use it properly ... but since the product arrived I haven't cut myself (which is a good thing!).
I have sprayed it on my arm and also Emma has sprayed it on her skin.  What I DO like is that I am allergic to the sticky glue on plasters and so cannot use all brands, but so far the spray-on plaster has had NO bad effects on my skin, so thats good.

The aerosol can is quite small so perfect for handbags, the car, first aid kit etc.... it does hold around 40 uses so quite practical and easy to use.  The smell from the spray is a little strong but soon dies down, it doesn't smell on your skin.

I am not sure what it would be like on a cut, would it stop the flow of blood? or is it just for grazes?
I will update next time I cut myself with the answer to the above.

I wouldn't use it on a blister, I put on plasters to stop shoes rubbing etc.... this product will not help soothe a blister except to cover the area, it will not give protection from rubbing shoes like a traditional plaster will do.

Savlon Spray Plaster (40ml) is priced at £6.19 (RRP) and is available at major multiples and pharmacies across the country.

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