16 Dec 2010

Scotch Pop Up Tape

Create truly beautiful gifts this Christmas, without breaking the bank

When it comes to Christmas gifts it’s not only what’s inside that counts, beautifully wrapped presents show your loved ones how much you care. And carefully wrapped gifts can double up as decorations when placed under the tree. If you’re fresh out of inspiration you’ll really love these gift wrapping tips brought to you by the Scotch brand from 3M. By following these tips, you won’t just be remembered for the gifts you choose but the beautiful way you wrap them too!

• Create a box of gift wrapping resources - Start a gifting box and add to it all year round with bags and boxes that you are given.

• Store everything you need in one place. Keeping everything together will save you having to hunt around the house looking for stuff.

• Break away from traditional wrapping paper for a really different feel. Wrapping paper alternatives can be a great way to theme your gifts, allude to the contents or simply save yourself some cash.

• Use your imagination when it comes to decorating gifts - Use cost-effective, creative trinkets from around the home to create something truly unusual.

• Nothing is as unsightly as oodles of unattractive tape all over your carefully selected wrapping paper. Scotch Pop-Up Tape is designed to disappear on most gift wraps, and to provide a high quality finish to all your gift wrapping throughout the year.

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband is the ultimate hassle-free gifting accessory, saving you time when wrapping your gifts at the busiest time of the year. It conveniently dispenses pre-cut strips of tape that disappear on most gift-wrapping papers, leaving both hands free for your gift-wrapping – helping to make beautiful gifts, beautifully simple.

I have been using a Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband to wrap my Christmas presents.  Yes its handy (literally) but it is also a bit fiddly to load the cartridge of tape strips into the holder and feed them  through. 
I also found that to pull the tape out one-handed was a bit tricky until I got the hand of it and then I was fine.

It is a good device, I wrapped quite a few presents, sometimes I needed two or more strips if it was a big present to hold the paper closed (along the long side of the package) as the strips are quite small.  The size of the strips are prefect for the ends of wrapped parcels and easy to whip out of the holder and stick down (once you get the knack).

I would have liked the pack to come with an extra pad of sticky strips - it only comes with one set.  I did run out quite quickly and now miss the pre-cut sticky strips.  Next time though I only have to buy a refill pack as I the holder is refillable.

For information about the full gifting range and more creative wrapping ideas including theming, creating bows and colour coordinating visit www.sayitwithscotch.co.uk.
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