7 Jan 2011

Spa Paradisa Lip Butter

Spa Paradisa Lip ­Butter

At the moment I have a bad cold, my lips are cracked and sore (and so is my nose).  Spa Paradisa Lip Butter contains shea butter and vitamin E which at present is just what my lips/skin needs.

Spa Paradisa Lip Butter comes in 2 flavours:  Juicy Passionfruit or Sweet Coconut.   I have Sweet Coconut and its pretty nice, its not too over powering but you can definitely taste/smell coconut in the balm.

Each tin is 10ml and is quite 'retro' with the packaging.  The balm is solid and you have to use your finger (clean) to apply the balm to your lips.  It is quite hard to start the balm off but once you have used it a few times you get a good coverage.  You can tell that the balm contains shea butter as it is so smooth and luxurious.  The balm is also paraben free which is fantastic.

The range comes in single tins or twin packs and are available in Debenhams, Urban Outfitters, Boots and online at http://www.next.co.uk/ and cost £3.50 each or £6 as a twin pack, visit http://www.spaparadisa.com/ for more information.
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