23 Feb 2011

AnyLock Sealing Rods

AnyLock Sealing Rods

This is a product that you normally see at the Ideal Home type shows and you think "Oooh thats good!" and buy one. 
In the pack I have there are 2 different sized rods and 2 freshness bags ... to start with I got it all wrong - I thought the rods could only be used with the bags provided and I was worried about re-using the bags etc....   BUT its NOT the bags that I should be reviewing its the actual RODS.

The AnyLock Sealing Rods are actually brilliant!  You can use them on any kind of bag or wrapper.  
All you have to do is fold over the bag or wrapper and slip the rod onto it, this then makes a closure which is airtight and watertight.  The rods can be used over and over again, if they get dirty they can be put into the dishwasher or hand washed in the washing up bowl.

Made from very sturdy plastic they are pretty tough, I have been waving one round like a wand and it has not broken or fallen apart.  Each AnyLock Sealing Rod has a 12 month guarantee so you know its a product that is going to last.

So when/where do you use them?
How many times have you had veg or chips rolling around the bottom of your freezer? Well the AnyLock Sealing Rod can be used in the freezer and as it never touches the actual food you can use it to secure many different food types (chicken portions in freezer bags, large bags of veg, etc..) you just fold over the end of the packaging and secure it with a rod (no clips or clothes pegs in sight!).

Great for lunchboxes and picnics.  Keep one in your handbag if you have a toddler as they never ever finish all their crisps/sweets/sticky things, now you can seal the packet instead of throwing the leftovers away.  Use it to pre-prepare toddler snacks for trips out.

There are loads of uses for AnyLock Sealing Rods - what could you use them for?

For more information please visit www.anylock.co.uk - this is the official site for AnyLock however customers can also purchase AnyLock from www.protectandstore.co.uk 
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