1 Feb 2011

Lubber Bags

Lubber Bags

Cool and Kooky, Lubber are the fashion accessory of the year!

Now I am not normally a bag person, I have a bag for work but apart from that I keep everything else in my pockets ... until now :)

I took this bag to a meeting at work the other day, my friend Sam "oooh'd" over it throughout the whole meeting, so I took it into work for the students to take photos of for pretend Valentines adverts, they too loved the Lubber Bag and spent all morning fighting over it.  My colleague Rachel described it as fab, versatile and different! which it totally is.
Made from material inspired by CROCS it is a really soft resin the same feel and style to the famous shoes. The bag is shaped like a shoe and even has the tread at the bottom - a great design idea and totally suited to the style of the Lubber Bag.

Large Lubber Bags are priced at around £16.99, the size of the large bag is 34.3cm (length) x 16.5cm (width) x 29.2cm (Height).
Small Lubber Bags are priced at around £12.99, the smaller bag is 27.3cm (length) x 13.3cm (width) x 16.5cm (height).

Just like the shoes you can decorate the bags with clip-on Lubb accessories, at present there isn't much choice but I am sure the makers will design more as the bags become the summer accessory to be seen with.

Lubber bags come in a variety of colours: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue and Black. 

Available from: http://www.lubberbag.co.uk/index.php
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