23 Feb 2011

Mini Wardrobe

MiniWardrobe.com is a brand new children’s wear website with a difference. Aside from the beautiful, unique, quality designed clothing and toys, sourced from all over Europe, some of the many features that them them stand out from the others are:
  • They aim to make the site as accessible to the most internet-phobic of customers as it is to the most savvy of technological whizzes, using interactive and easy-to-use features and a great gift-buying service.
  • All of the clothes are available to buy as individual items but are displayed as part of an outfit. You can also view them depending on styles to suit all tastes, from traditional to urban chic.
  • All of the garments are modelled on real children to give an idea of how the look comes together and what other items would go nicely with them. You can also zoom in to see the beautiful materials and textures in a more in-depth manner than would be possible even in a physical shop

  • They want the doors of their wardrobe to be open to everyone, so they have even included a special Kids Area in our site, where children can engage in activities and challenges and can even contribute to the site.
  • They have a loyalty scheme. Their shoppers are the best so they want to reward them not only for their loyal custom, but also for any feedback they give or even for simply recommending us to a friend. Visitors are also rewarded with points just for signing up for an account.  These points can be used to buy more wonderful MiniWardrobe.com products or can be donated to charity. Kids also have their own points system and can earn them through completing their challenges or contributing ideas to the website.
  • Charity is extremely important to MiniWardrobe.com and they believe that it is only fitting that the charities they support are based around children.  People can donate their points on the site and there is also the facility to make an extra contribution as well. They hope that in making donating easy and by making their younger customers aware of other little people who are not so fortunate as themselves, we might help some of these wonderful organisations carry on with the invaluable work they do.
MiniWardrobe.com is constantly evolving and they have more great features and innovations to come that will make the site more functional and a pleasurable shopping experience for everyone.

They have also just launched a line of J Brand Houlihan-style cargo pants for girls which are exclusive online in the UK to MiniWardrobe.com. They are proving to be incredibly popular as an appropriate way for girls to mimic the fashions that their mothers seek out. 

Please "like" their Facebook page where MiniWardrobe will be hosting prize draws and other exciting offers. http://www.facebook.com/miniwardrobe 
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