11 Mar 2011

Douwe Egberts Aromettes

You've Bean Shaped !!

Douwe Egberts have produced a very very clever new type of filter coffee.  No more do you have to measure out spoonfuls of coffee into your cafetiere or filter machine, you just pop in a bean for each person!
Each 'spoonful' has been compactly pressed into a bean shape, they are actually quite a realistic shape ... 1 bean is equal to 1 cup of coffee.  

Each 210g tin has 30 servings (beans) inside. The packs are a resealable foil fresh tin so they are very easy to reseal to keep the coffee beans fresh.

Aromettes at present come as 'smooth aroma' which is strength 3 and 'intense aroma' which is strength 5.  
You use them as you would measured coffee in your cafetiere or filter machine.  
For cafetieres, add hot water just off the boil, stir then allow to crew for 3-4 minutes before plunging and enjoying.  For filter machines brew as normal according to the instructions of your machine.

The stats so far have shown that 68% of consumers say that they would definitely or probably buy Aromettes at the RRP of £3.69, 46% of consumers indicated that they would use Aromettes ground coffee servings on a daily basis. 
I would be inclined to agree with both of the above, its a great product that is quick and easy to use, the new bean form loses no flavour and the coffee is lovely :)

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