14 Apr 2011

Honeycomb Puffs

Limited Edition - Honeycomb Puffs

Emma likes Sugar Puffs and so expressed an interest in the new limited edition Honeycomb Puffs from the family favourite Honey Monster.  Every morning I make sure she has breakfast before school, I believe that a good breakfast keeps you healthy and helps you concentrate - therefore everyone should at least try to have something for breakfast.

Basically the Honeycomb Puffs cereal is sugar puffs with large chunks of honeycomb, to be fair the box did have a good portion of honeycomb mixed in with the cereal which I was very surprised at ... so you do get a good amount of honeycomb per bowl.

As always the brand have looked after our children's health by maintaining their promise of 'no artificial anything' by promoting Honeycomb Puffs as a good source of fibre, suitable for vegetarians and that each bowlful is fortified with vitamins and iron. 

Typically each 30g serving contains 114kcal, which considering that the same size portion of Special K is 112kcal this is fantastic for a sweet breakfast cereal (http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/calories-in-food/breakfast-cereals/Kelloggs-Special-K.htm).  Other comparable results per 30g are protein 1.4g, Carbohydrate 26.0g (of which sugars 12.0g), Fat 0.4g and Fibre 1.0g.

Emma did eat the whole boxful of cereal over a couple of weeks, which is rare as I normally end up giving the last few dregs to our pet chickens.  However she wasn't overally impressed with them.  Sometimes she said that the honeycomb got in the way of her eating and got stuck in her teeth, other days she chose other products as she didn't fancy something as sweet as Honeycomb Puffs.
She has commented that younger children would love the cereal, but that she prefers Honey Waffles another new variety of cereal from the Honey Monster ... she has only eaten two bowlfuls so as yet hasn't given me a valid reason why she prefers the other style.

Definitely a brand to watch though as they have lots of different limited editions planned for 2011.

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