1 Apr 2011

Total Greek Yoghurt Split Pots

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots

Total are introducing a brand new concept in healthier eating - delicious fat-free Greek Yoghurt with a side portion of honey or fruit compote.

I like yoghurt, but I am a sweet yoghurt fan at heart.  Greek Yoghurt to me has always been a little bland, so for it to come with a side portion of fruit compote or honey to sweeten/flavour it, I was very interested.

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots come in four delicious flavours: Blueberry, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry and Honey.  My favourite has to be the blueberry as the compote is quite strong and packed with fruit, with the Greek yoghurt it tastes lovely, creamy and is a treat not just a yoghurt.

The split pot yoghurts are great for breakfast, lunch, a snack or a dessert.  We mostly ate them after school when we were peckish before dinner, but I did on occasion eat one for breakfast.

I only had a few problems with the packs. 
  • Emma struggled to get the top off of the pots without tipping it everywhere
  • I couldn't get the last bit of fruit/honey out of the side compartment even with using a spoon (both ends) and even squeezing the packaging.
  • The honey variety set hard in the fridge (but that could be my fridge being a bit too cold).
Each yogurt is made from pasteurised skimmed cows milk, live yoghurt culture plus honey or fruit compote.
The blueberry, tropical fruits and strawberry posts all contain 127.5 calories per tub or less.  The honey is a bit higher at 167 calories per tub.

Available from most Waitrose stores in the chiller cabinets, priced at £1.09 each unless on offer.  See instore for details.
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