31 Oct 2011

Lyons Seafood

 Lyons Seafoods, Giving You Back Your Evening…
With All The Spice Included!

I have recently tried some new meal kits from Lyons Seafoods, all of the kits had a chinese or thai influence containing everything I needed to make prawn and fish dishes.

To be honest we all really loved them.  They were simple to cook, the instructions were very clear to follow and the food smelt mouthwatering while cooking, then all were extremely tasty to eat.  The meals do not take a lifetime to cook either, each took less than 10 minutes to prepare (some took less than 5) which is great for busy people.

The kits are supposed to feed 2 people, now I don't know if we are just greedy or that people eat very little? I found the kits to be a little on the small size.  Andy, my Dad and I ate 3 of the kits and I also cooked up a further dish and some noodles to compliment the range of food.  We used them a little like a Chinese/Thai banquet with a little of each style on our plates with rice and noodles.

Andy's favourite was the Thai Sweet Chilli King Prawn kit, it was full of big juicy fresh prawns and the vegetables included were 'different' to what we normally eat but were all really crunchy and tasty.   
My favourite was the Catalan Fish Stew, ok it was a little stinky to cook but the kit was full of flavours - it was lovely!
My Dad liked them all, he had no particular favourite but did like the Malaysian King Prawn Laska flavours and accompanied vegetables (particularly the mini sweetcorn).

Lyons Seafoods, one of the UK’s leading seafood suppliers, is delighted to announce a brand new range of chilled, ready to cook seafood meals, providing time poor consumers with a convenient, healthy and delicious solution.

Each meal kit contains three separate compartments prepared daily by Lyons; succulent seafood, freshly cut vegetables and a perfectly matched sauce, capturing the authenticity of a scratch cooking experience for consumers. The combination of ingredients can be cooked-up in less that seven minutes and offers the pleasure of “real cooking” with no hassle, wasted ingredients or mess in the kitchen.

Inspired by seafood recipes from all over the world, the mouth-watering range incorporates a medley of modern classics for your palate including; Malaysian King Prawn Laksa, Sweet Thai Chilli Prawns and Catalan Fish Stew.

Research conducted by Lyons shows that despite our best intentions to incorporate the government’s ‘two a week’ fish initiative into our diets, the perceived level of preparation and fuss associated with fish can prove to be too challenging when time is of the essence. Of those surveyed 71% confessed to relying on unhealthy fast food and 50% only eat fish in restaurants as they don’t know how to cook it, or simply just don’t have the time!

Lyons aims to demystify cooking with fish and encourage consumers who are intimidated to experiment with simple yet delicious fish solutions.

Whilst Fish Friday may be a longstanding tradition, with Lyons Seafoods, now every day can be a fish day!

Priced at £5.99, the full range of Lyons ready to cook fish meal solutions for two people is now available in larger Sainsbury’s stores.

For more information on Lyons products, visit:  www.lyonsseafoods.co.uk

Twitter: @Lyons_seafood

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