8 Dec 2011

Man Wrap

Man Wrap

Man Wrap is a wrapping paper made from thick foil, basically it allows you to wrap a gift in seconds without the need for scissors or sticky tape.

I have to admit that although it is a snazzy idea and perfect for men .. its not entirely brilliant.

Great points:

  • Fantastic for wrapping odd shapes such as the bottle in the video above or erm... Easter eggs!  
  • It also looks shiny and is pretty simple to use.  
  • I have run my finger along the edges and so far I haven't been able to cut myself (which I was a bit concerned about).
  • Not only it is easy to wrap stuff, it is also easy to unwrap too :)  so great for people with arthritis or a disability who find wrapping or unwrapping a problem.
  • You do not need to struggle and muck about with sticky tape, in fact you could wrap 3 gifts in the time it takes to find the end of the tape on the roll.

Bad points:

  • The roll isn't very wide, it could do with being twice the length that it is to be able to wrap more items effectively.  
  • You only get 5m for the £5.99 rrp .. so at £1.20 per metre it is quite pricey.
  • Its basically thick tin foil!  You may as well just buy some extra thick Baco Foil and have the same effect, plus you can get it in extra widths for your turkey.
  • I have wrapped up Andy's Xbox controller (as it was next to me, that'll fool him later when he tries to find it) and it looks like a cruddily-wrapped melted Easter egg, not a brilliant look.
Oh course you can still tart up your foil wrapped presents with bows and ribbon if you wish too, but then that kind of defeats the object.

The foil comes on a handle which will help for wrapping upright stuff (not entirely sure what??) but I am sure it could be handy.

I am not entirely impressed with this product, as a Secret Santa fun present then it is fab!  But as a usable item, unless you have a special need and require help with wrapping .. its not worth the price and I would stick to traditional wrapping paper, even if you do get stuck together with tape and curling ribbon.

Available in red or blue, 5m for £5.99 (rrp).
Please visit www.themonsterfactory.com for more information.

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