4 Aug 2012

Walkers Pork Pies


Are you off the the Olympics? Or spending time with the kids taking in our great British countryside? Why don't you take a picnic with you ... When it comes to picnics in the park, a great British food institution – the pork pie – has topped of a new consumer poll for must-have essentials in our hampers this summer! With the good old fashioned sandwich a close second.

The survey, carried out by award-winning Leicestershire piemaker Walkers, showed that nearly 60% of people interviewed voted pork pies as the essential picnic ingredient.

Andy Walton, brand controller for Walkers Pies, which has been making traditional pies from the best cuts of meat for nearly 200 years, said:  “It is heart-warming to know that in these days of commercial food production and dishes from all over the world, that the good old traditional, lovingly-crafted pork pie is still topping the charts as a picnic favourite.

“Whether people are feeling particularly patriotic this year we don’t know, but we certainly believe the great British public know a good thing when they taste it.”

Picnic lovers surveyed were also asked what flavour they would like to try were a new pork pie to be invented.  Suggestions ranged from black pudding and Guinness, tandoori and Chinese barbecue spare rib to “don’t mess with a perfect recipe!”

I have to admit .. I am glad that Walkers haven't messed with the perfect recipe as their pork pies are delicious!  Good thick buttery pastry surrounding a good wedge of pork, the meat was quality cuts, no gristle or odd looking parts, just fine pink pork.

I always eat pork pie cold, but Andy likes to warm his up so the jelly runs out ... however you eat pork pie I was impressed with Walkers Pies - one to try and love!

For more information visit www.walkerspies.co.uk
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