19 May 2013

Freshers Bacon Jerky

Bacon Jerky from Freshers Foods

I was asked to review Freshers Foods new snack product 'Bacon Jerky'.

Freshers Foods are
 an innovative snack food manufacturer specialising in meat snacks such as traditional pork scratchings, crunch and crackling.
They recently innovated and launched a brand new product to the market - Freshers Bacon Jerky. It's a ready to eat meat snack that is made from 100% sweet cured marinated bacon pieces and is available in Original and BBQ flavour. 

Basically the product is solid strips of marinated sweet cured bacon, which have been marinated, cured, cooked and air dried.

Each original flavour pack contains 

Nutrition Information (Typical Value per 100g)
Energy 1457 KJ (558 kcal)

Protein 48.9g
Carbohydrate 7.0g
Fat 13.7g
Sodium 1.3g
Salt Equivalent 3.4g

If you are watching your calorie intake the BBQ flavour is a little better for you
Nutrition Information (Typical Value per 100g)
Energy 1278 KJ (304 kcal)
Protein 45.9g
Carbohydrate 3.9g
Fat 11.9g
Sodium 1.8g
Salt Equivalent 4.6g

So what do they taste like?
This review has been a little difficult for me as I like to be truthfully honest, I understand that everyone has different tastes and prefer different products, flavours and textures so you may rate these snacks differently to me and my family

Basically we thought they tasted like dog treats.  The texture is thick and stringy, so chewy that it goes into tiny pieces of hard bacon in your mouth and ends up difficult to swallow.  I asked a range of people to try each flavour: my husband, my daughter and her friends at school, finally my Dad who was brought up eating strange snacks and dry cured products.
All who tasted decided that they didn't like them or that the product wasn't for them.

To save wasting them .. we fed them to our dog Ruby who smacked her lips in delight and polished off the rest of the packet!

If you would like to try Freshers Snacks, please visit http://freshersfoods.com/shop/
I would recommend their scampi snacks and pork scratchings :) they are yummy!!

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