1 Jun 2013


My review of Harumika 'Belly Dance' Designer Dress Form Set.
By Emma Guest age 12.

I always wanted to be a fashion designer, and now with harumika I can! 
I didn't need glue or tape, just the things which came with the box! It was easy to use and I ended up playing with it for hours on end. 

The Harumika set gave me something to do this week during the May school holidays as there was nothing good on the TV.  The set came with different cut out fabric but I could also use my own or buy more from local shops in different colours!

I think 9-12 years old would like it most due to how it looks, it looks like its for older kids more than young kids aged 6-8.  I am not sure if younger kids would really know what to do with it, they prefer drawing and colouring in rather than actual fashion designing.

I liked to use the accessories provided and then find bits of fabric from other Harumika sets that I got for Christmas to update the designs that I had made or change them completely.  The Belly Dance set came with one model to use, but by combining a few sets I had quite a fashion catwalk going on.
The sets are mess free and easy to use, they are also easy to tidy up but I would suggest getting a box to put all the bits of fabric and models into to keep it altogether.   Different Harumika sets have different things in them, they are easy to collect and all work with each other.

I think Harumika are good for school holidays, Birthday and Christmas gifts or something to save your pocket money for.

You can buy the sets from all leading toy shops, Argos and some supermarkets.  Priced between £10-£35 depending on which set you buy.

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