6 Aug 2013

Birds Eye Cod Fish Fillet Burgers

Birds Eye have brought out a new fish product Cod Fish Fillet Burgers.

To be honest I don't know why Birds Eye have never produced cod fish fillet burgers before, being the top frozen fish product brand in the world (well in my eyes anyway, I don't know if its actually fact or not!) I would have expected them to create good quality chunky fish burgers to compliment their fish and chicken range a long long time ago.

I was brought up on the Birds Eye brand, you were always sure that the food was quality and I have never ever served up a bad meal.  Ok a few times I have burnt the fish fingers but as long as you turn them upside-down on the plate - no one notices!
When I was little we went to Folkstone on holiday and would walk along the coast to the Birds Eye factory watch the vans pull up and unload the products, in this case it was garden peas and frozen vegetables but Birds Eye has always been a brand of choice in my household.

Information from Talking Retail
"Never before seen in the frozen or fresh categories, the launch of the Birds Eye Fish Fillet Burger follows comprehensive research into consumers’ fish eating habits which found a significant opportunity in children aged 11-16. With Fish Fingers loved by younger children and coated whole fillets appealing to adults, Birds Eye identified a clear requirement for a product that offers a more fulfilling meal solution to teens with bigger appetites.
Birds Eye Fish Fillet Burgers are made with flaky 100% fish fillets and will be available in both Cod and Omega 3. Whilst helping to add fish into teenagers’ mealtime repertoire, they offer a nutritious, substantial solution and more teatime choice for mums."

We tried the new cod fish fillet burgers, I presumed that they would be like other brands cod fillets, but they were very moist and had real flakes of fish (not mush like other brands).
Emma who is 12 was very impressed!  She likes fish and will order fish dishes in restaurants or on holiday abroad.  She liked the size of the burgers and that the product it white cod fish, not grey 'something' fish.

As a family we will be buying the cod burgers again, they are suitable to eat with chips & peas, or with salad or rice.  At 285 calories per portion they are brilliant for people who are watching their weight.

I swear by Birds Eye, I admit through price wars I do buy a lot of supermarket own brands, but in most supermarkets there is always at least one Birds Eye product on offer - so if you are watching the pennies you can still afford to feed your family top quality brands.

Visit http://www.birdseye.co.uk/

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