23 Aug 2013

Mahiki Coconut

Mahiki Coconut is a vibrant spirit made with a blend of Caribbean Rum, fine spirits and real coconut. It has the fresh, light aroma of a fine white rum, with a hint of sweet coconut and a touch of citrus and honey.
Smooth in texture, with a distinctive coconut taste, the cream and chocolate notes leave a long-lasting aftertaste, which work perfectly in this delicious coconut dessert.

Mahiki Coconut Sorbet

Ingredients :
•       Mahiki Coconut - 80ml
•       Milk - 40ml 
•       Double Cream - 50ml
•       Coconut Cream - 80ml
•       Real Coconut

Put all the ingredients into a shaker. Add 4 tablespoons of dry ice and stir until the mixture consistency stiffens ensuring the ice has dissolved. Serve inside a halved coconut and sprinkle on  grated coconut.

Mahiki Coconut Smash

Ingredients :
       Mahiki Coconut - 50ml
       Pink Grapefruit - 2 segments
       Fresh Passion Fruit - 1
       Passion Fruit syrup - 5
       Ting - 20ml

Put the fresh grapefruit and passion fruit in the jar. Muddle gently and add Mahiki Coconut, passion syrup and scoop of crushed ice. Crunch for few second. Top with Ting, add fresh crushed ice and garnish with half passion fruit and grapefruit slice. 


Pink Panther

Ingredients :
       Mahiki Coconut - 50 ml
       Creme De Cacao White - 15 ml
       Lime Juice - 15ml
       Orange Juice - 70ml
       Grenadine - 10ml
       Coconut Cream - 30

Put all the ingredients in the blender and add a full scoop of crushed ice. Blend for 30 - 40 seconds and pour into a Hurricane Glass. 

Garnish it with pineapple leaf and cherry. 

With the summer being lovely we have had quite a few BBQ's and so quite a lot of alcohol too :)  To be honest we were a little 'boring' when trying Mahiki Coconut!  We mixed it with pineapple juice to make a long refreshing alcoholic drink.

Mahiki Coconut smells lovely, it has a real fresh coconut summer smell.  Mixed with pineapple juice it is a little sweet, so we added extra ice and a splash of lemonade, this took the edge off of it a little.
Next time we are going to mix it with diet coke to see how that tastes, with the coke being a little blander than the pineapple it may be more to my taste.

You can also drizzle Mahiki Coconut over ice cream  or even better use it to make your own ice cream/sorbet or frozen cocktails like in the above recipes.
Give it a whirl :)

Created by the exclusive celebrity paradise Mahiki, one of the world’s most famous and glamorous night clubs in Mayfair, Mahiki Coconut is a vibrant spirit made with a blend of Caribbean Rum, fine spirits and real coconut. Mouth-wateringly versatile, it makes a delicious addition to Cola, Pineapple Juice, Ginger Beer, Pina Colada or in one of Mahiki’s famous Tiki Cocktails.

With its ‘Tiki’ Polynesian inspired bottle complete with blue skies and tropical blooms, Mahiki Coconut is a splendid seasonal tipple for sipping on balmy summer evenings. 
Perfectly encapsulating Mahiki nightclub’s glowing beach and jungle settings, the relaxed Mahiki ambience can now be recreated wherever you are and is available from Tesco RRP £17.99


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