23 Aug 2013

Naked Juice

Naked Juice, the premium smoothie, has left the beach towels of Santa Monica, where it was founded, to bring bottles full of goodness to Brits across the nation. Each generous 450ml bottle is packed with a whole pound of the tastiest fruit alongside weird and wonderful boosting ingredients including wheat grass, spirulina, barley grass and blue green algae.

Naked Juice is a favourite for those with busy lives who want an easy, filling and delicious way to achieve two of their five-a-day. Naked’s bestseller is the great tasting, antioxidant-filled Green Machine, made with lush fruit including apples, kiwi, banana, pineapple and mango.  The dark green colour may look a little strange, but don’t let it put you off; not only does the Green Machine taste great, it’s packed with 10 revitalising green superfoods including broccoli, spinach, parsley and chlorella.

Accompanying the nation’s favourite Green Machine are three equally fruity, equally delicious choices. The Mango Machine provides a tropical taste packed with extra vitamins; the Red Machine targets free radicals with its radical blend of vitamins and fruit; and the berry-tasty Blue Machine is a superfood wonder with a whopping 74 blueberries in every bottle.
Naked Juice smoothies were first sold on the beaches of Santa Monica in 1983 and from the very first piece of fruit in the very first blender right up until this day, Naked has been dedicated to creating amazing tasting fruit juice smoothies made from bare-naked fruit, with no added sugar or preservatives – EVER!

We tried the Green Machine and Blue Machine varieties.  To be truthful the colour of the Green Machine is a little off-putting!  My Dad and I were a little apprehensive when trying it as it looked like something you find at your local pond.  We were surprised with the taste as it was really nice, the flavour was refreshing and not sharp.  You could taste the fruit but nothing overpowered the other.

Green Machine also contains Chlorella, Algae and Spirulina.  Acording to Google, Spirulina is good for your skin and hair :) where as chlorella is highly protective against toxins and helps to get them out of the body, It is a fantastic detoxifier.

I prefered the Blue Machine to the green as I love berries.  Again it wasn't too sharp yet did give you a bit of a bite.  What I do like is that neither bottle were sweet or sickly.

The smoothies do fill you up, they are quite thick and to start I thought they were quite expensive for the amount you get (450ml), on drinking, you only need this amount ... any more and you would probably feel quite ill.

Naked Juice smoothies come in 450ml bottles and are stocked in Starbucks, Sainsbury’s Local, Waitrose, Wholefoods, Boots and Ocado, RRP £2.36.

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