25 Aug 2013

Play Tray

Play Tray

The Play Tray is a soft fabric covered foam tray with removable side panels and a hole for a cup/bottle.
The fabric is wipe cleanable, so spills, sticky bits, food smears, colouring pens etc... can be easily wiped away.  The fabric is also virtually indestructible and does not rip or tear easily, so will last a good while.

Positives of the product:
Great length of lap belt, it filled easily around my niece in her buggy and sat nicely on her lap.The side pockets come off and on easily by adults, but are quite tricky for children.  Great as they can come off for cleaning but are not pulled on and off constantly.Brilliant in fast food restaurants or food places where there are no high chairs or no room to store the buggy while you use their highchair.  Being wipe clean you can place the child's food directly onto the surface as you know it is clean and is easy to clean after. Small size so fits nicely under your buggy or can be stored in a bag and hung off on the back.  It is also lightweight so you do not have to lug it about. 
The side pockets are large enough to store snacks, or to hide snacks/treats/toys while child is eating their main meal.  As above pockets are large enough to store small toys to keep child occupied between courses.

Negatives of the product:
Not brilliant for the car.  It was tricky to put around the child without getting in the way of the carseat straps.On a booster seat it trapped the seatbelt, which we felt was unsafe.Would inflict removing the child quickly should an accident occur as it restricts access to seatbelt/straps.Once its on its on, the child cannot change their mind mid-journey unless an adult is in the back with them to assist removal.The tray isn't big enough to use for drawing, the width is quite shallow even for a 2 year old.  She was a little cramped.

All in all I have mixed feelings for this product.  It is robust and can take a lot of mistreatment (chucking it under the buggy, scrubbing it with a wet wipe, accidently being squashed in the boot of the car under the shopping). 
As a 'car tray' I do not like how it affects the seatbelts, but as a buggy tray or make-shift highchair tray is is brilliant!

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