16 Aug 2013

The Hunger Games Review

Emma's (and Molly's) book of the week :The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

I am Emma (Anna's daughter) and since I am a big book reader, I have started to do book reviews.
My friend Molly decided to help me on this book review because she is awesome and has read about 2 pages- which is more than some of the people I  know!

Enough about me ... on to the book!

The Hunger Games

This is one of the best books I have ever read. I could tell you the whole story if I wanted too. Its so popular, there is a movie out and another coming out in November.

The 3 books are all in Katniss' view. Katniss Everdeen lives in Panam - America in the future, where there is 12 districts (she lives in district 12- where hunger and poverty is daily life and the main job for the men is being a coal miner) and the Capitol - where Lady Gaga would look normal in her stage costumes. 
74 years before, there was a failed uprising, because of the uprising, President Snow created the Hunger Games where 1 girl and 1 boy aged 12-18 from each district would fight to the death in an arena while the Capitol saw it as we see football or the Olympics.

The book starts on reaping day- the day where a boy and girl get picked for the games- Katniss (Who is 16 years old) and her sister Primrose (12 years old) getting ready. Katniss gives Primrose a pin with a mockingjay on for good luck, given to her by the mayors daughter (who was left out of the movie). 

When Prim gets reaped, Katniss volunteers, entering the games with the bakers son  Peeta Mellark who had been crushing on her since the first day of school.

What happens in the games could cause them life or death.
Read the books to find out what happens!

The reasons I like The Hunger Games is because there is always something happening- fights, romance, even just talking is put into a detail which is different to normal 'teen fiction' (but that does not mean my mum can't read it!!). The people are well explained, even if they are just in for a page or two, leaving a vivid image in my mind. To me, the last book is a bit more poorly written but to some, they think the last book is the best. we are all entitled to our own opinion.

If you are not a book reader then there is a movie out (and the next movie out on November 22th 2013). But there are a lot of parts and people which are in the book but not in the movie.

Trailer of The Hunger Games:

Trailer of Catching Fire:

The books:
The Hunger Games

Catching Fire


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