9 Aug 2013

Zederna Insoles

Zederna Insoles

I have tested some odd products in the past, however these insoles are one of my strangest .
Zederna Insoles are made from cedarwood, they are very thin and smell very faintly of menthol.
The company claim that when you use these insoles inside your regular footwear that 
Foot odour disappears immediately
Athletes foot disappears after a few days
The emergence of athletes foot and nail fungus will be permanently prevented
The treatment of existing nail fungus will be accelerated by more than 50%

Ha! Yeah right I thought .......

I had to order the correct size for my shoe as you do not trim these down like foam insoles so make sure you know your correct shoe size when ordering.  Now my trainers do hum! they are bad, Andy refuses to sit near to my feet and I can smell my own feet from under my desk when I am wearing them.  These shoes will be the ultimate test!

Well, I put the insoles into my stinky trainers (that I wear day in day out) at around 4pm yesterday.  At 9.30pm last night I took off my trainer and said to Andy's friend "Look what I am testing!" then shoved my shoe into his face .... he didn't die! he didn't even gasp for air or heave! 

Looking puzzled (both of us) I gave my shoe a quick sniff and do you know what???? they smelled ok!

I did explain to Andy's mate the reason for my shoe attack, he confirmed that they smelt ok and that the insoles were 'pretty cool'.  He then avoided me like I was some demented woman, but that was to be expected.

I had a bit of athletes foot on my right foot just between my little toe and the next one too it.  I did put some gel on it on Tuesday so it was already being treated, but so far this morning I have had no tickly feeling or soreness from my toe.  However as I had already treated the area I can't really confirm if the insoles have worked to treat or prevent athlete's foot.

The insoles work by absorbing the humidity inside the shoes. The cedearwood has natural antibacterial antibodies which can decompose microorganims without affecting the skin of your foot.  Without these microorganisms smells, bacteria etc.. cannot exist and so your feet are more healthy.

Zederna suggest that you have a pair of insoles for each of the shoes that you regularly wear.  This means that you don't use the same pair of insoles and move them from shoe to shoe, when inside the shoe they start to work and will work for 3-6 months (depending on footwear and 'personal circumstances' ie... if you have ultra sweaty feet then they have to work harder).

They are comfortable, I can't feel them.  You wear them wood side up and can wear with or without socks/tights etc....    Occasionally they suggest you take them out and give them a wipe over with mild soap, then let them airdry.  This will help them work and will make them last longer.

I am impressed ... to get rid of that smell they must work!  

The company offers a 110% money back guarantee.  If you do not like them return them within 14 days and they will refund your money 110%.

RRP £9.95 per pair 
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