19 Sep 2013

New Heinz Soup

Liven up your lunchtime 
With brand new flavoursome Heinz Soups

Setting lunch times alight, Heinz is excited to announce the launch of the new “supercharged” soup range, which is a flavoursome twist on the classic soup recipes that you know and love.

Add some spicy punch to your lunch with a sizzling bowl of Cream of Tomato with A Kick of Chilli or Cream of Tomato with Fiery Mexican Spices, or sit back and relax with the smooth and indulgent Cream of Mushroom with Wild Porcini Mushrooms or Cream of Chicken with Aromatic Thai Spices.

I tried the Cream of Mushroom with Wild Porcini Mushrooms, it tastes like a stronger version of their usual cream of mushroom but with a punchier mushroom taste and lots of small chunks of mushroom in it.  To be honest it was really nice and I would buy this version over the original.  The taste and texture are very 'warm you up' on a cold day, I ate it from a bowl with crusty bread but this would also be lovely from a mug.

Emma tried the Cream of Chicken with Aromatic Thai Spices.  The soup does have a kick to it, but its not an unpleasant kick it is comfortable and suits the chicken.  Emma doesn't eat 'spicy' food, yet enjoyed this variant of Heinz's cream of chicken.  She ate it with sliced bread and butter quarters from a bowl, this soup is suited to a bowl rather than a mug.  This will definitely warm you up inside and out on a cold day.

The new and exciting flavours are guaranteed to provide the perfect mid-day ‘pick-me-up’. 
Whatever your mood Heinz has a new soup adventure for you to try! Give your lunchtime a make-over this August with Heinz’s new soups, available to snap up in store for £1.19.

For more information head to the Heinz official website at http://www.heinz.co.uk/ourfood
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