11 May 2014

Vinyl Revolution

Vinyl Revolution are a small company based in Oxford. Who specialise in creating artwork on vinyl for business use and normal folk like me! 
Until I discovered Vinyl Revolution I never realised exactly what could be created using vinyl, they have transformed interior design by supplying artwork that is very affordable and simple to use. 

You do not need any specific knowledge or tools and the vinyl will not damage your walls or appliances.
Vinyl Revolution provide a wide range of designs from fridge wraps to huge wall art, you could transform your fridge or cover your wall in Banksy art all at affordable prices.  They also have a large range of Macbook covers in a variety of designs.
Their online shop is easy to navigate and the ordering process is simple.  For more complicated designs or custom requests you can contact them direct for a quote or simply for advice.
I own a Land Rover Defender called 'Smurf', it is kitted out for challenge events, off-roading days, events and shows.   I required a large Papa Smurf design for the roof as the vehicle can climb steep inclines spectators get to see a lot of the roof. 
Vinyl Revolution can also create custom designs from vinyl in a wide range of colours and sizes.
I sent my image and size requirement to Vinyl Revolution, after a quick chat about usage, they designed a product custom for my vehicle.  I expected to wait weeks for it to arrive, but my large vinyl Papa Smurf head was delivered within 3 days!

My packaged was expertly packed in a tough cardboard tube and included a small scraper tool to assist when sticking the vinyl to my car.   I checked the website for instructions of how to transfer the large vinyl design to my roof, cleaned and dried the area thoroughly and picked a day with fine weather. 

A few air bubbles
Then came the tricky part, tricky as in I had to climb up on top of my Land Rover to fit it!  As the wheel are as high as my waist - it is pretty high up!

Between my husband and I we placed the vinyl where we wanted it and started to peel the backing off of the vinyl image, I peeled slowly as my husband placed the image onto the metal roof and smoothed out any air bubbles.  We have placed other vinyl images onto the vehicle before and have always had trouble with the product stretching or tearing as we smooth the air bubbles out.  Vinyl Revolution use thick high quality vinyl, we had no trouble with air and as we manipulated the image the vinyl did not stretch or distort at all - we were very impressed!

No air bubbles !!
Since the vinyl image has been on top of the roof in the sun for the past week there has been no fading or lifting, the areas around the ridges have shrunk down by themselves for a better fit - we are really please with the image and ease of fitting.
Andy and I are so impressed with the quality of our custom sized vinyl that we are happy to advertise Vinyl Revolutions logo on the doors of the Land Rover. These will be shown to other vehicle enthusiasts at car shows around the country.  
Vinyl Revolution also cater for work vans to show your company logo and contact information.  These will be custom designed and printed to your requirements, please contact Vinyl Revolution for a quote: www.vinylrevolution.co.uk

Vinyl Revolution offer a huge range of designs, pop over to their website to take a look.  Transform your living room feature wall or children's bedrooms with a personalised piece, make a feature of your fridge or just transform your Macbook :)

Interested?  Worried about how to apply?

Please visit: www.vinylrevolution.co.uk for more ideas, quotes, set prices and information.
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