22 Aug 2017

Luxury Silk-filled Mattress Topper

Luxury Silk-filled Mattress Topper

I was asked to review a single bed size silk-filled mattress cover from www.silkbeddingdirect.com ,  I was actually quite excited as our spare single bed is a bit old now and uncomfortable, so it would be great for my cousin when she comes to stay.

Well when the package arrived I was really surprised! The packaging was certainly luxurious and I hadn't even opened it yet let alone laid on it!

The mattress topper came neatly packaged in a zip-up bag, the bag is sturdy and perfect for if you need to store the topper (or anything else).

As I carefully unfolded the topper you could feel the quality, I forgot it was a silk 'filled' topper as the material of the actual product is really soft and silky.

There are motifs sewn into the fabric as a design and each corner has a good strong band of elastic to hold the topper in place on the mattress.

 So there I was stroking the fabric and then I realised it was silk-filled, there's a tiny zip next to the care labels which lets you peek inside to see and feel the actual silk ... how cool is that!!
(Just to spoil it for you it's reallllly really soft 😊)

So up I went to fit it onto my single mattress, it went on easily and stayed put when I refitted the sheet.  The elastic held tightly and it didn't slip which was good compared to other brands I have used in the past.  The mattress felt smooth and there were no lumps or rolls under the sheet.

I gave it a good test by rolling around, turning over, shuffling up and down the bed ... it didn't shift.
My cousin stayed the weekend so I purposely didn't mention the topper, she asked if we had brought a new mattress as it was really comfortable and she had slept well all night.

So how do you clean the topper? You don't.  All it needs is airing a few times a year, if you do get spills on it you can carefully sponge it with mild fabric cleaner, but apart from that you should never wash it as it could ruin the silk inside.  Full care instructions are on the care label next to the small hidden inspection zip.
We are impressed, great packaging, quality fabric has been used and it is well made. The topper is comfortable and practical.

Prices are competitive and different sizes are available.  We tested the single bed size  www.silkbeddingdirect.com/single-bed-mulberry-silk-filled-mattress-topper-143-p.asp but I am looking to purchase a king size for our bed in the near future.

For more information please visit: www.silkbeddingdirect.com

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