24 Nov 2010

Chang Beer

Chang beer is a very light coloured beer which give quite a punch on drinking.  Brewed in Thailand it is quite a smooth beer but tastes quite malty compared with other bottled imports (such as Indian beers). 
Tha appearance is quite appealing, in a tall glass (from a female prospective) it looks very swish, yet when you drink it the first taste that hits you is a slight malty aftertaste at the back of your tongue .. almost like beer that hasn't finished brewing.  However after a few mouthfuls the taste subsides and you are left with quite a refreshing rich beer.
Chang is the Thai word for elephant, an animal that has cultural and historical significance to Thailand. The logo for Chang Beer features two elephants facing one other.

Each bottle is 5% alcohol by volume, which is quite high for a small bottle of beer.
Price wise it is quite competitive with an RRP averaging at only £1.50 a bottle (based on an online store search). 

I quite like Chang beer, but I do prefer Indian beer in comparison.  Chang beer will go lovely with most food particularly anything with a Thai influence.  This beer is also nice as a refreshing drink just to sit and sip, I feel it would be too gassy to drink just for the sake of drinking .. its more a beer that you would savour and enjoy.

Chang has been awarded quite a few medals recently including gold medals from the World Beer Championships, the Australian International Beer Award and also gold in the 2009 World Beers and Drinks Selection.  Obviously this is a beer to keep an eye on as its impresses worldwide.

Available from all Oddbins stores and some larger Tesco stores, Makro and Booker and Booths across the UK. 

You can also buy online at www.changebeerstore.com  where they have a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL OFFER, NOW ONLY £1 PER BOTTLE. 24 bottles of Thailand's award-winning beer for only £24.00.

For more information please visit: http://www.changbeer.com/

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