2 Nov 2010

Moon Dough

Moon Dough

When I was little my mum used to make her own version of playdoh out of salt, flour and water .... I used to get moaned at for 'getting it stuck in the carpet' and I think this is where I got my aversion to playdoh from.

Poor Emma was never allowed to play with dough at home, but I did used to take her along to my pottery classes occasionally (I used to teach ceramics of all subjects) and let her make real things from clay ... I even let her glaze her creations how cool am I!

Anyway .... Moon Dough is supposedly different as it never dries out!  Honestly never again will you have to chuck out balls of dried up dough .... however this dough is really really crumbly, so unless you have a large table to use it on or a very large plastic sheet to protect you carpet - don't use the dough!

I found that before I let Emma get her hands on it I warmed it up by kneading it with my larger warmer hands.  This way it almost puffed up and became more foamy than doughy.  It was still crumbly but not as much as when it first came out of the packet.

The box sets of Moon Dough are pretty cool, the Barn is really sturdy and cute, it reminds me of the 'Little People' sets with the styling and colouring of the design.  I also like the Puppy set where you can make dog bones and other treats for your puppy.  There is also a pretend pizza kit ... but never fear as Moon Dough is completely safe if your kids do eat it and its even wheat free!

I know it states that it never dries out but I would suggest keeping it in an airtight container anyway, plus it helps when you try to get the kids to tidy up.

Available from all good toy shops.
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