8 Nov 2010

Moon Sand Sweet Delights

Moon Sand Sweet Delights

When I first saw Moon Sand advertised I thought it looked a bit naff, but after seeing the actual product and the accessories its actually pretty good.

Moon Sand is a sand based product that you can mould like dough.  After moulding you can even bake your creations and paint them (craft paint isn't included but I would use acrylic paint that you can buy at many craft shops, pound shops and supermarkets).
The aim of Moon Sand is to mould different shapes like a selection of fruits, chocolate and cookie delights, then scoop them up into the working blender with a dollop of Moon Sand ice cream. Decorate with straws, berries and umbrellas for the ultimate shake!
The set includes a real working blender (you have to turn the handle), a selection of moulds, 3 dessert glasses, 1 scoop, 3 spoons, 3 straws and 2 umbrellas.

It states that the Moon Sand will never dry out, but I would keep it in an airtight container anyway .... plus it will help with keeping it all together and tidy.  The box the product comes in is pretty good for storing all the bits and pieces and is stack able.

Age 3+ due to small parts.
RRP: £15
Available from all good high street toy stores, Internet and mail order.

A Spinmaster Toy product.
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