22 Dec 2010

Alva Rhassoul (Acne | Oily) Skincare Peeling Mask

Alva Rhassoul Peeling Mask

When I ordered this I thought it was a peeling mask where it drys on your skin and you peel it off ... its not like this at all.
To be honest I don't know why it has 'peeling' in the name as it doesn't really peel at all.

The mask is like a clay mask with jojoba exfoliating grains in it, its is a very good mask and we really liked the product.   The product has antibacterial purifying properties which help fight spots and blemishes, the Rhassoul volcanic mineral clay draws out excess dirt and oil from the skin while the jojoba beads do their scrubby business to get a good deep clean.  Plant oils including jojoba oil, manuka and tea tree oils, and oils of lavender, bergamot orange and rosemary nourish the skin and kill of bacteria.

We loved it, its not too scrubby and is quite kind enough to use on Emma's skin (she has just turned 10).  It cleaned her face lovely and combined with the Rhassoul Mineral Washcream has helped her acne a little.  Her face isn't so red and sore as with other brands and she said that neither product caused her face to be sore at all.

Applying and washing off was quite fun, she went from spotty faced to caveman mud look, to clean and fresh.  Rinsing did take a few wipes to make sure that all traces were removed and do not use a white washcloth as the clay can stain a little.

Priced at £12.00 for 75ml it is a little expensive, but it does work! We give the product 10/10 as Emma and I both really like it for ease of use and how well Emma's skin has improved.

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